Klingon Bat’leth, Mek’leth, Sword of Kahless & Jej’taj WARRIORS COMBO


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This Warriors Combo consists of 1 x Bat’leth, 1 x Mek’leth, 1 x Sword of Kahless and 1 x Jej’taj.

Made from quality 6mm mild steel, these 1:1 scale replicas are in their standard forms.

Featuring a curved edge with four blade points and three handholds on the back, which are suede leather bound.

The blade itself is blunt, as it is intended for show or display.

Our replica Bat’leths are crafted to high standards of precision and intense attention to detail, and differently to others available.

They are hand bevelled to 60 deg, lightly buffed and sealed with a clear glossy rust-proof coating.

With this method on mild steel, it gives the finish a rustic, more realistic look.

Please note, as seen in the pictures, there may be small indents or imperfections in the metal. That’s the nature of mild steel.

Bat’leth & Sword of Kahless

Overall length – 1160mm

Weight – 4.6kg

Material – 6mm Mild Steel with anti rust coating
Brown leather suede wrapped handles

Scale – 1:1


Overall length – 460mm

Weight – 1.0kg

Material – 6mm Mild Steel with anti rust coating
Brown leather suede wrapped handles

Scale – 1:1


Overall length – 302mm

Weight – 850g

Material – 6mm Mild Steel with anti rust coating
Brown leather suede wrapped handle

Scale – 1:1

Materials: Mild Steel, Suede Leather

What Our Customers Say

It is amazing! Took only 6 days to come to Nunavut which I was so impressed. The bat’leth is amazing, not tooo heavy, just enough. Well made and again amazing!! 10/10


I absolutely LOVE it. Much heavier than I wanted originally (oh, to be Klingon!), but I honestly love this piece. The bevelled edges look absolutely vicious, and I feel powerful even when I just hold it. The glossy rust proof coating is a little sticky, but I think that's just the humidity of my country.


A perfect Bat'leth. Ive always wanted the sword of Khaless & this exceeded expectations


The item shipped just in time for my Klingon friend’s birthday. His face lit up with joy as he finally had a Mek’leth to join his Bat’leth and D’K Tang for his Klingon collection. It was then christened in the blood of watermelons before finding its rightful place of honor.


Absolutely perfect! Quality is top notch. Seriously, these things are works of art. Fast shipping too, especially considering it is coming from Australia. Thank you!


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