Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

At Klingon Shop, we value the privacy of our customers and visitors and take adequate measures to protect their personal information against breaches or leaks of any kind. We have a strict privacy policy in place and use it to secure your data against unauthorised access or misuse.

Data We Collect

Contact Forms

We collect primary personal data like names and email addresses from all our visitors via our contact form.

We collect information at different stages of your interaction with us, like when you place your order with us, enquire about a product or/and sign up for our newsletter.

We use this information to notify you about our promotional offers or new launches.


We use cookies to improve the customer experience on our website. We have set up several cookies across our platform and they save your basic information to offer you a more personalised experience. This includes information about your browser preference, language, font size, screen resolution, etc.

Note that session cookies expire after every visit, whereas the persistent ones are saved for a longer duration.

If you choose the “remember me” option, we will save your log-in details for easy log-in. This information will be removed the moment you log out of your account.


To complete your order and ensure a seamless delivery of your chosen product, we will collect your delivery information, including your name, address, and phone number, during checkout.

How Do We Use the Collected Data?

  1. All the information that we collect is used to support your experience on the website, complete your orders and offer customer support.
  2. Your contact information will be used to establish a direct communication channel with you. Through this channel, we will keep you updated regarding all our offers, launches and promotions.
  3. We track your IP address to detect fraud.

With Whom Do We Share the Collected Data?

We save all your personal information in an encrypted database, secured against third-party access. But we will share your information for purely professional purposes.

  1. To complete your orders, we will share your personal information with our delivery partners.
  2. We might share your information with the concerned authorities if prompted by the law. We will adhere to all government or legal requirements and share your information to prevent fraud or any illegal activity.
  3. We may share your data with third-party for marketing purposes like sending newsletters or running targeted ads.

Your Rights Over Your Data

  1. You will have complete access to the data that you shared with us. At any point, you can request an exported file of the data that we have saved with us.
  2. If needed, you can request a thorough erasure of your data from our encrypted database. But note that this doesn’t include any data saved for security reasons.
  3. You can update your personal information like your contact address and phone number at any time. For any updates, you can write to us at

Our Data Protection Policy

We understand the sensitive nature of the information you entrust us with and, therefore, to ensure your privacy, we save your data in a secured/encrypted database. We use encryption and multi-factor authentication to secure our database against breaches, leaks, and unauthorised access.

Questions Regarding Privacy Policy

In case you have any issues, concerns, or doubts regarding our privacy policy, you can raise them with us at We recommend you restrict your use of our website until your issues are resolved.

Privacy Policy Updates

Our privacy policy is subject to updates whenever required. We at Galtron Pty Ltd. have the full authority to undertake any updates without any notice. Your accessing our website is a direct acceptance of our privacy policy. So, we recommend you read through our privacy policy beforehand.

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